Wild Birds

I was just sat here doing stuff and looked up to see a rather pudgy looking bird sat on the kennel door. I grabbed the binoculars to take a better look and staring back at me was a little owl!

After much fumbling to get the camera and the telephoto lens sorted out, I managed to get a few shots of this very pretty visitor.

Offerings hanging off the washing line are no interest to this chap – they feed on small mammals like mice and voles etc with a few insects and worms. They will take a young rabbit at a push but they are a bit of a handful.

I occasionally see them around as well as a few Barn Owls but have not had one in the garden before. He seemed to like this perch so hopefully we will see more of him sunning himself.

This is why the membership of CRRU is so important to us – to make sure people are  responsible when using rodentcide so as not to threaten these species for the future.