Yesterday, Adam of Adam Hillier Photography, decided to run a “bring your pets up” photo shoot. Rather than take up the dogs, he asked me to bring up the tortoises. I thought we could go one better than that so took the ferrets up as well!

Whilst strictly not pets, they are kind of cute and we use them a lot for rabbit control. The thing with ferrets is they are so active, so getting them to stay still for a second would be a challenge – especially when there are four of them together…I just wanted Adam to have a challenge on his hands.

To get things warmed up, Adam shot the tortoises first. People do not believe they are so quick so once put on the floor they both sped off in different directions. After about 10 minutes, he did get a few very nice shots.

Then the real fun began. Firstly I gave a bit of a warning – they can bite. Whilst they are handled a lot, making them easier to work later in the year, they do get over excited and will nip – it doesn’t hurt but its their way of saying “put me down”. So seeing be get nipped a few times made Laura, Adam’s assistant, very nervous of them.

So for the first shot, getting them all in a group and seeing what happens….yea right! As soon as you put them down they all shot of in every direction, diving under cupboards, in background tubes, under chairs…you name it! After 10 minutes or so, Adam did manage to get a few shots…none that could be used though.

Plan B was to do a few individual shots…anybody who has had a ferret before will know this wont happen either…

One really funny moment was when Adam was laying on the floor, the ferret was in position and then it ran directly at the camera and stuck its nose right onto the lens, leaving a very snotty imprint – very funny indeed to see Adam leaping about so as not to get bitten!

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Anyway, he got some really great shots in the end and some lovely pics of other more behaved pets – check them out here