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The one thing I love about this job is that every day and every job is totally different from the last. I hate mundane repetitive jobs, so when I am asked to provide a new chicken run for a client – one with a difference – I grab the job with both hands.

The current chicken run houses 5 rescue chickens which were destined for dog meat. We generally do this quite a lot so our chickens start life as battery hens and actually they lay really well after they have become commercially un-viable in battery farms. Their current home is perfectly adequate, but due to building works has to be knocked down.

At the bottom of the garden, there is an old potting shed – not the normal shed but a very nice one with a tiled roof! It was decided that this should be the new chicken run. So it was decided that a run at both sides of this shed was needed and it had to be built in keeping with the surroundings. So rather than banging a few decent posts in and normal chicken wire, we were to use fencing posts, concreted in place and green PVC coated wire to blend in. It is also very important that the shed is rat proofed and fox proofed – prevention is better than cure.

I am now trying to persuade the client to borrow one of my cockerels to add to the flock – having your own chicks is the best way to increase your flock and the kids love to get involved with the chicks etc. – they learn about life through this type of process.

Fox control

So if you need advice on chickens, building chicken runs and making them fox and vermin proof, just contact us at Rapid Pest Control!