Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend a day in a surf camp?

During a recent visit from my daughter and her boyfriend, we were lucky enough to be invited to join Salty Goats for the day to experience what it’s like to go out with a qualified surf instructor and be part of a surf camp culture.

The day starts with a hearty breakfast, you will need extra energy for a full-on day surfing. Then its get fitted out with a wetsuit, board, and leash and off we go!

Both Kelly and Harvey have tried surfing before with me as a teacher (not a good thing), so Omar was basically starting with a blank sheet.

After a solid briefing of the techniques required to paddle, pop up (get from laying to standing on a board), and a good warm-up, we hit the waves.

One key thing is to overcome the fear of the waves and water, so having a really experienced instructor is vital to building confidence quickly. Kelly just does not like the sea too much, but after 30 minutes of encouragement and guidance, she soon got to grips with everything, including standing up, so was really happy.

Harvey also soon picked up the techniques required to do basic waves and was standing on small waves without issue too, so time for lunch!

Lunch was a delicious sandwich made by the camp chef, light, very tasty, and satisfying, washed down with plenty of water – keeping hydrated is key.

After a nice rest just chatting about all sorts of things including waves, tides, surf etiquette and lots of other topics, it was time to hit the water again, putting all the skills learned into practice.

Omar got the guys to take it in turns to try to catch waves, guiding them on the best techniques – the learning never stopped. After about 2 hours, everyone was exhausted and it was time to pack up, get out of the sun, and rest. Goals were achieved and a great day had by all.

We all met on the rooftop terrace to watch the sun go down, chat and laugh about the day we all had, then tucked into a delicious home-cooked meal, made from locally sourced ingredients and lovingly prepared by the resident chef – a perfect end to a perfect day.

One thing that was clear was that owners Omar and Andrea leave no stone unturned. Everything is perfect and well organised, making it a true home from home for guests.

If you fancy a week away with your mates learning to surf, this is the place to be. The hostel is clean and well designed, the staff are brilliant and the hosts are super friendly and caring – it will be a holiday to remember for years to come – and you will learn to surf from an awesome instructor too.

Check out the website for more details – Salty Goats Surf Camp – Tamraght near Agadir.

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