Birthday presents are really difficult to buy for your loved ones.

Karen is no different. We don’t really do possessions and stuff, so buying something is never a good thing. What we do love is doing different experiences.

I was looking for something a little different to experience locally and came across Fat Club Agadir.

The kids thought I was being really mean and that I had booked their mum on some kind of slimming health club thing, but when I explained, everything made sense!

Fat Club Agadir are unique, offering All Terrain E-scooter and E-Bike excursions in the Souss Massa Reserve area of Agadir. I must admit, I had never come across this concept before, so after chatting to Mikael the owner I booked a session for Karen’s birthday.

We arrived at their basecamp in Inzegane, just on the edge of the Reserve, to get a safety briefing and quick practice on the E-scooters before heading off on a 3 hour trip taking in the Souss Park Reserve trek too.

To start with, the E-scooters feel a little strange, but after a short while, you get the hang of it and are soon bombing around the tracks on them. The sensation is a bit like skiing to be fair.

The great thing is they are almost silent, very responsive, quick, and eco-friendly, unlike quad biking. You can really go fast – 30km per hour on a scooter is really quick!

Our trip was around 27km in total, which included a walk around the animal reserve. At the reserve, we saw Gazelles, Oryx, and Addax as well as Ostriches during our walk around the reserve, followed by tea and biscuits.

Mikael, our host , was really good fun too and made sure we had a great time and arrived back safely.

In my opinion, they are suitable for 8 years and above, pretty much all fitness levels.