….on the way home to the office!

Today I was forced to spend a large portion of the day in the office with the accounts. Not the most thrilling thing I want to do on a Friday but these things have to be done.

My Accountant Sheila Tompkins of Summit Office Services and I have had a long standing relationship where we have worked together on both large and small companies and systems and as a Sage person she is fantastic. Over the years we have had quite a few laughs over my attempts to challenge accounting practice and her company initials SOS are usually very appropriate when she has to come in and rescue my accounts.

Today was no exception – how she finds out the things I have done on this system is a mystery – but thankfully she does, then spends the day putting it all right for me.

Sheila also comes in to sort out the Wife Karen’s Accounts for The Best of Newbury and WebbuildproNewbury too so she generally spends a whole day with us.

Anyway, today my accounts were finished in good time, so off I went to get some machines from Paul at A4 Hire in Hungerford for a job on Monday. I was just finishing off with the guys, chatting about the Shalfest Beer Festival which seemed high on the agenda this weekend, when the phone went.

It was Karen asking me how long I would be as we had a bit of a problem with Sheila’s car. I said I would be home in 10 mins and so set off.

As I pulled into the lane, I was greeted by a very red faced Sheila who whilst reversing out of the drive had hit the accelerator and not the break – ramming her Mini Cooper up the bank and into the hedge!

Now I have to be honest, I did titter -actually I almost manured myself !

Picture shows me getting the car out of the hedge for her – I didnt trust her to try as she would probably take out a gate post as she shot forward!

Luckily, no real damage (only to pride) was inflicted to car or driver – but it did brighten up what was a pretty ordinary day!