Over the years I have listened to many breakfast radio shows on the way to work.

There are several things that are important to me: news, weather (not more rain!), traffic jams etc but most of all to get you energised for a long day digging or mowing.

I have tried national and local – but over the last few months I have been listening to Reading 107 fm.

Whilst reception in Newbury can leave a lot to be desired, I am willing to live with the cracking and occasional loss of signal so I can listen to Neale James’s show. It’s hilarious.

Me and the wife have know Neale and lovely wife Sam for a few years but have never really seen the alter-ego broadcaster (well only after a few Magners or Brandy and Cokes!).
We call in to the show most mornings depending on our final destination, but as we do quite a bit of work in Reading we usually get him for long periods whilst sat on the M4 carpark. We generally chat about the places we are going that day – or relay a funny story – but most of all to guess the mystery year – which we pretty much get most of the time!

I keep trying for the money quiz but never seem to get through on this – come on Neale I need to money and I get most of the questions right!!

The new Reading 107 website has allowed Neale to create a page to outline the shows characters – mine is Gardener Graham and the Spuds – we have our own tune “Can you dig it”.

I urge you to give the show a try – 7am – 10am Monday to Friday – contribute and email or phone in to the show and try to get a character for yourself.