I regularly attend a network event – called the Oxsmeetup at Fallowfields Hotel located in Kingston Bagpuize,Oxfordshire.

This is one of my favourite venues as they have a small farm which produces pretty much all their own vegetables and meat served in the restaurant. All the animals and vegetables are produced to organic standards and that always appeals to me.

On my last visit Anthony shared the great news of the birth of a new dexter calf, so I could not resist going to see him.

Dexters are my favourite breed as they are full of character, usually pretty docile and friendly and produce excellent milk and beef. I was brought up on a dairy farm and we had standard dairy herds, mostly Herefords and Friesians which are known for their high milk production, but never had anything like Dexters.

The network meeting started out as a tweetup, but has moved to more of a social media marketing event as the technology evolves. The meetings are held once a month and are very informative as one of the main features of this event is the training sessions, then networking over a home cooked meal.

So why not go along and meet everybody – just click on the link and book