As I have said lots of times before, things happen very quickly in Morocco!

When we were over last October, there was lots of new building projects going on; basically the King had decreed that any land could be built upon as long as local labour was used, the land was then given for free. So as you can imagine, builders were in high demand and buildings were going up everywhere.

Then a few things changed. Not really sure what but the next thing we know is that most of the buildings that were built were being demolished. Not really sure why, but it was a bit of a surprise. In away it is good that all the work stopped as it was all just getting too much. One story I heard was that over 6000 new constructions were happening in Aourir alone, and this is a small fishing village.

Anyway, the next update was that a Marina was planned right on the beachfront between the surf schools and the hillside – just at the end of the market square. This is a great spot for a development as it is in clear view of the main N1 road, thus drawing people into the village.

We are out in Aourir in a few weeks so will be able to give some updates, however here are a few pictures of the planned development and the site with construction underway.

We think this will be really good for the local economy of Aourir, bringing much needed work and tourists to the village. It is also just far enough away from Agadir to have its own personality for want of a better description. I am really looking forward to seeing it and hearing what the plans are for the rest of the village.