Is Romax CP the answer to Resistent Rats in Newbury?

Is Romax CP the answer to Resistent Rats in Newbury?

I am just trialing a new rat poison on the market called Romax CP in a bid to find a decent poison that can be used both indoors and outdoors that is really effective.

What makes this one different? Firstly, it has a different active ingredient, Coumatetralyl, which is specifically designed to be used in areas of resistence. This ingredient has the potency of Brodifacoum (which can be used only indoors and in sewers) without the risk of secondary poisoning to non target species. Secondly, these blocks are different in texture – a soft block – which makes them attractive to fussy feeders as well as good feeders. Early indications show that this has been taken in preference to the normal pellet or grain based baits previously used on these sites.

These blocks can be placed in bait stations and secured, as well as being targeted in burrows and loft spaces, making them a good all round material to use.

I have these blocks on 3 locations currently, all of which have previously had Bromadiolone baits used to some effect, and early indications are very promising – the bait was readily consumed during the first few baitings, and have now stopped completely. Rat sightings and evidence has decreased to zero, indicating an effective treatment concluded.

I am continuing to monitor these results and hope to add this weapon to the armoury permanently.