This week we decided to try out the brand new cable car in Agadir.

This brand new attraction opened in July and runs from near the old camping site at the edge of Talborj up to the Old Agadir Kasbah – around 1.7km in length.

I have been watching the construction with interest over the last 6 months or so, they published an opening date of July, but I had my doubts as it always seemed not to change much, then all of a sudden, it seemed to get finished!

There is plenty of parking, 2 car parks are available. The reception and ticket office is spacious and well organised. Tickets are 80 dh per person for a round trip, but you can get a private VIP car with drinks served for 800 dh.

We arrived at about 10:30 am and walked straight through. I know it gets crowded later in the day and especially at night so we went early. We had a car to ourselves anyway, so that was a bonus.

The cars are clean, well-ventilated, and give 360-degree views, taking 8 adults. The ride was really smooth and silent as you would expect. I did not time the trip but would estimate 5 – 7 mins in total.

At the top, the main building is nicely finished. When you get outside you can see all the work that has been done to the old Kasbah, the old wall has been restored and a new gate has been installed to reflect the old Kasbah entrance before the earthquake destroyed everything.

The old Kasbah is still closed whilst the excavation and restoration is being carried out, but there are images of the work being done and descriptions of the site before the disaster struck.

The other buildings around have been constructed in stone and wood and fit in well with the surrounding areas, although not much is finished at the moment. They have been made in a special anti-seismic design to survive earthquakes.

A new pathway has also been installed from the foot of the hill to the top if you would rather walk.

The views of Agadir and the port are stunning, so if you have not been up here before it’s worth it just to see these. If you have been up here before, getting up by cable car is so much better than a taxi or bus!

The plans are to complete the Dania Land project by 2024, encompassing restaurants, a water park, and other attractions.

Is it worth the trip? For sure. As I said the views are stunning. Pick your times and days carefully, we just missed several coach loads of screaming kids so that was lucky and the weather can be misty on the top – so to get the best pictures it must be clear and sunny.