On Wednesday, we decided to take a break from tackling the day to day pest problems we face and head off to Pesttech – one of the largest exhibitions for pest controllers in the UK.

Must be a strange gathering I hear you cry – and you are not wrong! Pest controllers from all over the country descending on one place…a casual visitor to the National Motorcycle Museum that day must think they have one hell of a pest problem with all these vans outside!

For us, it was a time to look at new things on the market and see if there is anything more effective available on the market. The pest control industry does move at quite a pace, so we always ride the wave of any new technology we find that improves on what we do.

One thing that caught my eye this year was a cost effective bed bug treatment – freezing the little blighters with liquid CO2. This technique has always been out of the reach of independent pest controllers, however now a company is producing a more sensibly priced and easy to use applicator which gives great results (so we are told!). The idea is simple, to spray liquid CO2 directly into the areas where bed bugs live, killing them instantly at all stages of life.

The time to do a treatment is about the same – the secret to dealing with bed bugs effectively is being methodical and thorough – so this is not short cut, but with liquid CO2, there are no chemicals to cope with and so has to be good for the environment. Furthermore, for hotels and B&B’s, the room can be used immediately after a treatment, so no isolation etc and smell of chemicals to stop a room being used. I am very interested in trying this so if you have a bed bug issue, we can do a reduced treatment to test this method – just contract us now.

Also, we had a seminar laid on by the CRRU for accredited “Wildlife Aware” technicians, again a chance to meet other committed Pest Control experts like Rapid Pest Control who care for the environment when dealing with rodent and pest problems. The CRRU have just accredited their 100th technician and so a good cause to celebrate.

Catching up with old friends is also great – we car shared with Steve from Pestbeegone of Didcot and met up briefly with “Pigeon Barry” from Tendring Pest Control – we tweet and facebook each other a lot so its nice to meet in person too!

Our main suppliers were all in fine form, giving away an array of samples and gifts – mostly pens and other practical things as you can never have too many pens!

All in all, a good break from the normal pest problems and to re-charge batteries for the long winter ahead dealing with rat problems and rat problems in the Newbury area.

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