I do a lot of work for a large Housing Association in Berkshire. They know that a quick call to Rapid Pest Control and the wasp problem is sorted.

Currently, this Housing Association is renovating lots of their homes with new sofits, facias and guttering and are using a couple of contractors to do this. One contractor is a scaffolding contractor and the other the roofing contractor. I generally do lots of work with roofers and window replacement contractors so they kind of know not to mess about trying to get rid of wasp nests themselves, but I don’t think the scaffold contractor was quite used to dealing with wasp nests.

Anyway, instead of just calling in and getting us to deal with it, one of the guys decided that he would deal with it himself, and tried to use one of these spray cans you can buy over the counter on it.

Needless to say, the wasps nailed him pretty good and the nest was still in place but with severely upset residents!

When I got on site a bit later that day, the wasps were still not happy and very very aggressive to anybody who dared go near – but I dealt with the problem quickly.

The next morning, I had an email from the building surveyor who is in charge of the project saying that the contractor involved was rushed to hospital and is in intensive care on drips etc – I hope he recovers quickly.

The upside is that they are modifying the H&S policy for all contract staff not to attempt to deal with wasp nests but to report the nest to their preferred supplier (Rapid Pest Control).

It amazes me that shops sell these DIY spray tins as they can only be used in certain circumstances and PPE must be worn by the user – but there is no warning on the tins!

So rather than take a risk on dealing with a wasp nest yourself, just call Rapid Pest Control on 01635 247192 for a same day wasp nest removal service in the Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire area or contact us via the website www.rapid-pest-control.co.uk