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About Morocco

Morocco is a very diverse country, with many different contrasts. From vibrant cities to deserts and wild coastlines, it has it all.

The influences from many cultures and occupations from invading countries makes Morocco unique. The people, culture and languages change from region to region, as does the cuisine and customs.

The Northern territories are completely different to the Sahara and again different to the Southern regions. When travelling through Morocco, you will clearly see these changes and enjoy the experience of each culture.

One common thread which runs through Morocco is the generosity and hospitality of the Moroccan people. In many cases they are terribly poor but will offer you tea and biscuits or honey and even offer Couscous or Tagines.

It is totally alien to European culture, but it is expected that you partake in this generosity. Giving of a gift in return is polite as well.

Below there are links to more details on various aspects of Morocco which I am sure you will find helpful:

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