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Invest in Morocco

Why would you want to Invest in Morocco?

Well let us tell you why we think this is the ideal overseas investment.

The main reasons to satisfy your rational side:

  • Morocco is one of the only countries that you can still expect to get between 15% and 25% return on investment
  • The property prices are up to 50% lower than that of other European resorts, so you get more bang for your buck.
  • Morocco is starting to become a very attractive tourist destination. With the introduction of Vision 2020 (this is a huge project to improve the infrastructure including roadways, 5-star resorts, Golf courses and shopping malls) the aim is to increase the visitors to Morocco to 10 million every year
  • The Plan Azur project (the main element of Vision 2020) will also add another 6 new coastal resorts again pulling in the tourists.
  • With all these visitors to the Country rental property is in demand
  • There is 0% Inheritance Tax
  • There is 0% annual property tax for your first five years
  • The Capital gains tax will be between 0% and 20%
  • The Open Skies policy now allows the cheaper airlines to fly straight to Morocco making it a very attractive country to visit.

So in summation, the property is inexpensive, you still get a lot of house for your money. Tourists are flocking there for a holiday and they will need somewhere to stay, and you won’t get penalised with Taxes. There is actually a¬† double taxation treaty in place between the UK and Morocco, so where tax is payable you’ll only pay it once.

You want more reasons? – OK so to the Niceties of life…

  • The temperate Climate, in Aourir you can expect 3oo days of sunshine a year. However in the Atlas mountains in the Winter you can Ski – whilst in other regions people are enjoying the surf.
  • Morocco is only a 3.5 hour flight from the UK and you get no jetlag, which means its an ideal location for a long weekend as well as a 2 week holiday.
  • There really is an activity for everyone, for the adventurer that wants to take part in every activity through to the individual that wants to relax on the unspoilt beaches and watch the world go by.
  • There are plenty of places to visit from sleepy fishing villages, to bustling towns through to the Sahara desert.
  • You’ll get the best cultural experience, really second to none

So as you can see Morocco has a lot to offer the investor for an investment property but also a holiday home. You’ll need to get yourself a great agent, who can look after you throughout the whole transaction. From initial visit and tour of the properties for sale, through the purchasing cycle (it is very different from the UK) during any renovations that might be needed and then finally helping out with the rental of your property.

We used¬†Laurence and Michael from Immo bab Sous. We can thoroughly recommend their services, they looked after everything for us – we really didn’t have to do much to secure our property. They also arranged and Project Managed the whole renovation project, keeping us informed and furnished with pictures at every stage….. and they now help us with the smooth running of the property making sure that our guests are looked after.

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