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The Moroccan Language

The common language is Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Berber, although as with any country the dialect changes depending on region. In the south of the Country French is spoken, in the North you’ll find the locals can converse in both French and Spanish as well as Sahara

As tourism increases year on year you’ll find that English is understood by those people working in the service industry. However it is still pigeon English, we have found it is much better to speak French if you can – we’ve put a few phrases together that might help you with your French. The locals will really appreciate it if you try and speak a little in their language, but it is very hard to learn.

Here are just a few we know:
Yes = L yeh
No = Laa
OK = Waha
Thank you = Shukran
Hello = Salam
Goodbye = Bsalama
No Problem = Mashi Moshkil
How much  = Shaheel
To expensive = Bzoeuf

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