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About us

Think about Morocco and you imagine a mysterious and wild country full of adventure and exotic people. You would be right.

We visited Morocco for the first time back in Sept 2008. We fell in love with the country, the people and the lifestyle, then decided to make it our home in 2016.

I’m Graham and my wife is Karen. We are seasoned travelers and have spent a lot of time in Southern Africa, North Africa, and Asia. We have also toured through Europe and a little bit of America.

The Moroccan Dream

Like many, we always dreamed of retiring to the sun and living life at a slower pace, so that’s exactly what we have done. We packed up and moved to Morocco and have not looked back. Both our kids have grown up and have their own lives and really don’t need us anymore, so there was nothing to hold us back.

We did not want to be one of those couples who always talk about it and never do it.

We purchased our house back in 2008 in a small village called Aourir, 10km north of Agadir, thinking we would use it as a holiday home and let it out when we were not here (which did work well for a bit) but then decided that we wanted to renovate and make it our permanent home.

Planning our departure from the UK started in October 2014 – we gave ourselves 2 years to plan and move – we arrived October 2016 – one day before our planned arrival!

Aourir is still our favourite place, the village is bustling and full of activity at all times and is very traditional. We love mixing with the locals, many who are now firm friends, and enjoy the village life. Not many tourists explore the village but they are missing out, so when you come through the village, stop and enjoy.

Since our arrival, we have learned so much about life and how things are so different in a new country, we have laughed, cried, and pulled our hair out with frustration – c’est Maroc …. but we love it here!

Please have a good look around the site – we are hoping you will be smitten with Morocco – even if it’s just for a short holiday. Our aim is to give you the best information we can and some tried and tested products we also would recommend for those of you travellers who do not want to make purchasing mistakes (we have made many!)

Feedback is always welcome – both good and bad and we look forward to seeing you on the beach sometime – Inshallah (if it is God’s will).

I have written a FREE ebook of our adventure to move from the UK to Morocco – and all the crazy things that happened – it is available on iTunes – follow this linkĀ 

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