After the rain comes the clean-up.
Whilst the flood defense wall has been really good for the village and has pretty much stopped the streets flooding, it has created a secondary issue in terms of rubbish.
Unfortunately, everyone now seems to dump their household rubbish into the dry riverbed, then when the floods come, it all ends up in the ocean and beach. This has always been a problem even before the project, but now we seem to get so much more.
We cannot just sit and look at this mess, so we have done 3 days of beach cleaning this week – lots of great people doing this horrible job for the good of the beach, the wildlife, this amazing country we live in, and the planet.
Between us, we have collected about 50 large bags of rubbish, doing just a few hours per day each, but the difference is staggering.
All this can easily be avoided, but each time the river floods we do it all again, just because people in the village dump all their crap in the dry river – out of sight, out of mind attitude prevails here.
Things must change or Morocco will just become a massive rubbish tip and our beautiful country will be lost in a mountain of rubbish – we have lots of people here so we just need the will to prevent it from happening.
Here are the before, during, and after pictures