After weeks of a surfing ban, we can now finally surf again.

There has been no logical reason this ban has been in place, it goes against all advice, but now we can surf with a few restrictions.

Firstly, you can only surf at Anchor Point or Banana Point. You can only launch off the rocks and return via the rocks – you cannot launch off the beach. Why? Who knows. Why only 2 surf spots? All this has done is concentrate everyone in two places rather than allowing people to distribute over the 30 or so spots.

Again, this also makes little sense – all the surfers don’t want to be together either. Not only is it potentially contagious, but we all also want a bit of space to surf.

We did manage a few away days during the ban – it seems that certain districts allow surfing whilst others don’t, so we did a few day trips and never had any issues, but really making surfing a crime is just a bit mental under any circumstances.

We all found this ban very hard, especially Surf Camps that had visitors booked in but could not surf.

All this was in place when the rest of Morocco was open for business, all shops, cafes, restaurants, and souks were open, with little or no protection or precautions in place.

Anyway, we launched off the beach and surfed with very few issues right out the front of our house – we had a few whistles and shouts but were pretty much left alone – we had got to know the local police on the beach who just walked away in most cases – they could not see a reason why either.

Hopefully, this is the end of it all now – fingers crossed!