When I was last in Agadir, they were doing an amazing amount of work on the sea front, most had been complete especially the restaurant areas, but the shop fronts were still needing some work.

On arrival this week, they certainly have been very busy and all the roads were. Now completed, the pavement were finished and most of the shops had been renovated. Some have closed, but are being replaced with a large sea view gym, new shops, a couple of restaurants and a new nightclub.

The beach is still just beautiful, with plenty of space and activities always going on, and it is very clean and safe for the kids etc. I personally do not like this sort of beach, and in Aourir we do have some very quite and secluded beaches – away from crowds and people where we can swim and body board in peace – hence our decision not to buy in Agadir but in a smaller village 10 km up the road. Close enough to be in the thick of it, but far enough away as not to have the crowds – the best of both worlds for guests at Villa Ramalah.


I am always shocked at just how quickly things happen, the amount of new buildings going up around the town is incredible, most are offices and shops, but as you move more away from the city, lots of flats and houses are springing up everywhere.

Also, they have completely re-laid a 10km stretch of the N1 from Agadir to Aourir, put in central reservations, planted 100’s of palm trees and bushes and put in two new roundabouts… All in under 6 months!┬áNow here is crazy tip for UK road constructors – why not work with all the service providers to get ducts and pipes in BEFORE you lay a new service – this is exactly what has been done on this stretch of road so it will not have to be dug up again..simples!