Picture: Karen & Donna before the run

During my lack of PC, several events took place which are very worthy of note, one being a 10K run the wife did.

Karen, the wife, of Irun Solutions Newbury, Donna of WhyNot Jewellery and Carl of The Fit Farm all decided to go on a 10K charity run in aid of Cancer Research (note my absence from this venture!).

Training was a laborious affair comprising of twice a week early morning runs at either Sneslmore or Greenham Commons, with the occasional “drop me in Thatcham” run on a Sunday where I would literally drop Karen off and drive away – something I tend to do from time to time (usually when we are away on hols etc much to her annoyance – but that’s another story…!!)
Then the day finally came, so off we went to Eton Rowing Arena near Slough. The weather was less than kind to the runners as it was cold and wet, however with about 5,000 runners taking part, the atmosphere was pretty amazing.

As the time grew closer, a group warm up session broke out and everybody got ready to go. Nerves started to show at this point especially as neither Karen or Donna had ever done this before. The circuit was two laps of the lake, with watering stations at several points along the way.

Carl was determined to put in a good time and so set off with an early fast pace, followed by Karen and Donna at a more sedate pace. After the first lap, Karen broke away from Donna and set about at achieving her goal.

After a grueling run, all 3 finished looking pretty good considering and achieved not only great times but also adding cash to the Cancer Research pot.

Picture: Karen, Carl and Donna during the run

As a spectator to this event, I was impressed with all the runners and there was a really spirit of achievement – many runners did this for a relative either lost to cancer or surviving it – a truly worthwhile cause – well done to all.