The wasp control season has just started and we are getting an increasing number of calls for wasp control in Newbury and at our Oxford Office at the moment.

At Rapid Pest Control, we are always looking to provide better and faster services to our clients. One thing we have discussed recently is how we can really help people with wasp allergies, or those people who are particularly vulnerable to wasp stings. 

To this end, we have launched a unique service on our website this week to allow these vulnerable people to get instant access to our Pest Control Technicians and get a priority service for wasp allergy sufferers.

Most of us want wasps nests removed as they are a nuisance or as a precaution just in case we get stung – that fair enough. but to others, a sting from a wasp will put them in danger. Whilst to us a wasp sting is painful, to them it could mean hospitalisation and in some severe cases could be life threatening.

Last year we were called out to a building site where one of the workers accidentally smashed a nest, resulting in him being stung only 4 times, but this was enough to put him in a coma for 4 days in intensive care – luckily, his co-workers called the ambulance and got him to hospital quickly. Thankfully he made a full recovery.

Our Wasp allergy priority service is available on our website – we have placed a banner on the home pages of our Main site, but it will also be rolled out to our local branch sites in Oxford, Reading, Swindon, Basingstoke to allow clients in these areas to use this unique service.

This service will be particularly useful to schools, Nursing homes, Care Homes and Child Care Centres and Nurseries.

Basically, all you need to do is click on the banner, which goes to the wasp allergy page, then fill in your name, telephone number and postcode, then click the respond button. An SMS is sent directly to the on call technician, who will call you back immediately to discuss your situation, then give you an estimated time of arrival to deal with the problem.

I am sure you will agree this service will give comfort to those groups of vulnerable people like allergy sufferers, parents with small children and the elderly who are frightened of being stung, but more importantly could face danger if stung by a wasp.

If you know somebody in one of these target groups, please forward this link to them, just in case they need it – better to be safe than sorry after-all.

Alternatively, you can of course call any of our branch offices for your wasp control problem. For wasp control in Oxford, call 01235 280035, for wasp control in Newbury, Reading, Swindon and Basingstoke, call 01635 247192 – for a fast reliable service