When it’s so hot during the day, the only time to go for a hike is early morning. Today, I wanted to get up to the top of the mountain right behind our house and watch the sunrise.

One of our dogs is mostly black and so really suffers from the high temperatures, so he really appreciates going out early. I always carry plenty of water anyway both for me and the dogs just to make sure they stay hydrated.

Today the weather was a bit misty and there was some moisture in the clouds too, so walking was easy and we covered a lot of ground at a good speed, allowing us to do a big circuit before the sun got too much.

On days like this, I leave around 6:15am, knowing I have a flat walk of 25minutes before i need to see the pathways, then aim to be home no later than 10am.

We did around 11km today, with a few short stops to watch birds and the sunrise, have a little drink and a snack – which I share with the dogs (I don’t get a choice really).

Such a nice start to the day!