Bird Proofing

Pedestrian Safety is paramount on site

Just before Christmas we completed another bridge bird proofing in London. Our role in the project was to provide a permanent bird exclusion system to stop any chance of pigeons infesting the underside of the bridge, and cleaning up all bird fouling.

In the past bridges have been bird proofed using traditional bird netting etc, but we advocate and promote a permanent (but it can be removed for bridge maintenance) long lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution using Weld Mesh for pigeon proofing.

Weld mesh does not rust, does not wear away and cannot be vandalised, so whilst the initial cost of installation may be higher than some other methods, it is maintenance free and will last for many years to come – a sound return on investment. If installed correctly by and experts like Rapid Environmental Services, no pigeon will ever be able to roost under the bridge again, so thus reducing and eliminating any cleaning costs for removal of bird guano or fouling, and pavement cleaning.

This latest bridge was pretty big and spanned over a small walled area so posed some interesting installation issues but by understanding the various options of cherry pickers and scissor lifts available, the correct machines can be used to gain access to areas which otherwise would prove to be impossible to get to.

Due to the size of this particular bridge, we employed 2 teams to work under the bridge. We also had very tight deadlines to achieve, so making sure the operation goes smoothly is key. Our teams really know what is expected of them so whilst it is a high pressure situation, there is still time to enjoy the camaraderie and funny situations which always arise on building sites.

Bird Proofing

Choosing the right MEWP is vital

Traffic management and pedestrian management was an issue on this bridge, purely due to the fact that no other access was possible, so we had to be constantly aware of anything going on below us and stop work when a situation arose. We had one particular event where one of the other services on site decided to park his car right where we wanted to work and leave site….a bit of a nightmare but we soon go around the problem!

Bird Proofing with weld mesh

Finishing off the last bit

Due to the prestigious nature of this bridge, the client did not want any bird spikes whatsoever, so we had to install vertical mesh on the bridge uprights and on the outside edges of the bridge we installed Bird Free Gel – whilst we have used it on many sites before this is the first time on a bridge. It seems to be working very well and the low profile means it is not seen from the road – which was a very important factor for the client.

Bird Free Gel

Bird Free Gel used on the edges to finish the job

As part of this heritage project, there is to be a living wall installed along this street next to the bridge so making everything look fantastic was key on this installation and we feel very proud to be part of this and even more proud that the client is delighted with our work – and that we are part of the history of this bridge moving forward.

Bird Proofing

Another superb installation from Rapid Environmental Services

For expert advice on bird prevention, bird fouling removal, weld mesh installations for bird control in London and protecting utilities from pigeons, contact Rapid Environmental Services now on 01635 247192.