My daughter called me to say some of her friends were coming to Agadir for a holiday and that they really wanted to meet up, see some interesting things and have a go on the E-Scooters.

We made a plan to meet up, they had never been to Agadir before and I love showing people places and things they would not normally see.

First up was our local souk. Wednesday is market day in Aourir, and our local souk is a proper traditional local market – filled with veg, fruit, and lots of other things from clothes to tools. People from all the surrounding villages make their way to the souk – it’s a meeting place as well as a vital supply chain for them.

If you have never experienced it, it can be a bit scary, but for us it gives us lots of fresh quality products and great prices – we use the same vendors all the time now and have built great relationships with them, and are treated like locals too. The guys seemed to enjoy the experience and also got their food supplies for the week.

Next Day we planned to go to Fat Club Agadir and do the beach ride.

We arrived at Fat Club’s base and got kitted out – one of the E-Scooters had developed a fault, so Karen and I had to use the E-Bikes, whilst the other 3 guys had E-Scooters.

After the safety briefing, we made our way down to the river estuary for a nice ride to the beach, getting to grips with the E-Bike was a bit different, Karen really struggled as they tend to surge forward if you don’t keep slowly peddling and she did not like the feeling.

Anyway, the others really got the hang of the E-Scooters very quickly and were soon zooming about in the dunes.

We have walked down here with the dogs before, but never really made it to the beach, so when we turned the corner, all you can see for miles is the open beach – not a person to be seen.

We rode for about 12km, saw an occasional fisherman, then came across an old shipwreck where we stopped for a rest. As always in Morocco, out of nowhere, a guy appeared and wanted to show us the freshwater spring just over the dunes.

Apparently, all along the coastline there are watering holes just below the surface of the sand – all the gazelles know where they are and come to drink.

The scenery is spectacular and you would never see this normally – it’s just too far from any roads. There are just tracks to follow.

After saying our farewells to this random guy, we set off back down the beach.

We noticed the battery indicators on the E-Bikes were getting very low so had to go slowly and peddle a lot more, conserving power to get us home, but the guys on the scooters went off-road into the dunes for some fun.

We eventually made it back to the camp with 1% on the battery – it would have been hard work to peddle all the way back!

Anyway, it was a great day out – the bikes are totally different to the scooters but still a nice experience – I really prefer the scooters though

To enquire about E-Scooters, or book a trip – contact Fat Club Agadir here.