Another Fencing project completed by Rapid Pest Control

As most of you know, we also provide fencing services – to keep out animals and pests of all kinds. This particular job was a bit unusual in the fact that the pests involved were motorists!

Amazingly, the problem this client had was one where cars literally pulled up outside the hedge and looked into the house from the road. This happens several times a day, so enough is enough and Rapid Pest Control Fencing services were called in to offer a solution.

With a hedge already in place, the best possible solution was to create a blind so nothing could be seen through the hedge until it grew more thickly, however the client also wanted it to last and blend into another piece of fencing, so we agreed that a 4foot high close board type fence would give enough of a visible barrier, whilst allowing the hedge to grow behind it.

As with all these jobs, the worst part is laying out and digging the holes for posts –¬†particularly when it is along side a road skirt, which was full of hard core and concrete!

Close Board Fencing

Laying out the new fence

Anyway, you have to take the rough with the smooth and luckily we were in the shade most of the time or would have fried under the glorious sunshine.

So mission completed on time and to budget (as always!) and the client is delighted with the results. Now they can sit in their garden and not be bothered with nosy motorists who have nothing better to do!

If you are looking for a quality fencing job, contact Rapid Pest Control now on or call Newbury 01635 247192. We do rabbit fencing, panel fencing, wire fencing, deer fencing, close board fencing and post and rail fencing – all with top quality materials and a competitive price – keeping your pets in and your pests out – even two legged ones!

Close Board fencing by Rapid Pest Control

Finished Close Board Fence