Also known as the Banana village, Aourir is situated 8km North of Agadir and just a 40 minutes from Agadir airport. The village offers you a true Moroccan experience. Aourir was nicknamed the Banana Village by Jimi Hendrix in the 1960’s due to the Banana groves found in the Valley and the large quantities of small sweet Bananas which are famous for their taste are sold on the roadside in the main streets.

Aourir is situated on the Atlantic Coastline with a stunning mountain backdrop. The long sandy uncrowded beaches and magnificent waves with a constant swell during the winter months (Nov-March) make this an ideal surf spot for surfers and tourists who want to soak up the Moroccan adventure.

Aourir has two main streets where you can purchase most things that you will need whilst on holiday, there are many small shops, several banks with ATM’s and plenty of restaurants for lunch and evening meals.

The highlight of the week in Aourir is on a Wednesday when the weekly Souk arrives. The marketplace becomes alive with the vibrant smells and sounds of the market an experience you just can’t miss. The souk was recently moved from its traditional place by the main road to Assersif, 4km on the road towards Paradise Valley, but a short local taxi ride will get you there in a few minutes for a few dirhams.

This is a truly local souk and people from the surrounding villages converge on the souk to get supplies and meet each other – whilst it seems overwhelming, it is a relaxed and friendly place, so take your time, engage with the stallholders and just relax.

If you want to buy anything, most prices are fixed for fruit and vegetables and will be the same in pretty much each stall, but for carpets and other items, haggling is expected and welcomed – give it a go but don’t be too harsh as it can be insulting – remember everything will cost a fraction of what you would pay in a big souk in a large town, but give it a go and have some fun. Only pay what you think is fair value for the item.

Aourir provides a great base for your holiday as it is central to a lot of the activities and tours that are available in Morocco, but it also allows the visitor to experience true unspoiled Moroccan life.

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