Being snowed in kind of makes you catch up with things – all the business planning and accounts was done yesterday, and I also learnt how to Tweet properly thanks to the ever patient wife, Karen of Irun Business Intelligence – Newbury (God knows her patience is boundless with me!), Twitter is just one of the many things she does so well.

So today, I thought I would go tracking in the snow – I have several local clients with rabbit and fox issues and the snow is a perfect way to see whats going on and where they are moving – but also to walk the dogs and take a few pictures of this unusually heavy snow.

The tracking was reasonably successful, however the dogs stole the show – they just went crazy and decided there were far too many mice and rabbits to find, but offered some really great photo opportunities.

I have dropped them into Animoto – a really neat package that Karen uses quite a lot – so please enjoy!


The rabbits and foxes will be getting some attention this evening I think…..