What a miserable start to the year – grey sky’s, rain and wind.

This has been a busy week for me – the wind has brought down quite a few trees and branches, luckily for my regular customers I am only a call away!

This time of year pretty much restricts what can be done in the garden, so having big trees to cut up and log is an added bonus – for me and my customers – I get lots of work and they get lots of logs for next year.

I purchased an hydraulic log splitter a few years ago and it really has earned its keep over that time. Whilst it is a bit cumbersome to use, it is really powerful and quick so goes through just about anything – I am still amazed at it when it groans through a really knotty bit of Oak which could never be split with axe and wedges……medication time again methinks!

One side effect of the wet weather has been to produce an epidemic of moles. Whilst these cute little things are great in the woods and hedgerows, god help you if they get in the garden!

As a pest controller, my arsenal of weapons to deal with these dark destroyers has been almost wiped out by legislation. The use of Strychnine as a poison (one of the most effective and safe ways of dealing with them – in the right hands of course!) has been banned for some time now, so we are pretty much restricted to trapping (very costly and labour intense due to the amounts of visits you need to do to catch a few moles) or gassing (again quite costly and not without risk either).

My advise is that at first sighting of a mole hill in your garden, call me. Don’t deal with it yourself unless you really know how to trap (it takes years of trial and error). You will not get hold of gas anyway as it is a controlled substance.

Once they get established, goodbye lawn. So call me.