Come on boys - it's time to get your kit off!

This is a cry often heard on many a golf course, but today, a passer by may have discovered another meaning.

At 7pm last night, 4 intrepid golfers from Deanwood Golf Club embarked on a 24 hour golfing marathon in aid of one of our local charities, The Newbury & District Cancer Care Trust who provide help advice and care for sufferers and their families in the Newbury area. Sponsors had pledged close to £3000 by this time, which is a fantastic achievement – and the funds were climbing by the minute – DONATE NOW

This morning at 5:30am, I joined Adam of AHP Photography to assist in a dawn shoot to record this event -however this was one with a difference – the players would strip and play one hole naked, except for shoes, a glove and a smile (nervous smile rather!).

As we arrived, I am not too sure whether we were that welcome as John Bowness, Kevin Holloway, Marc Gudgeon & Mark Brown saw us coming, they got a little tense, but I just put that down to camera shyness and so we took a few shots just to get them in the mood for what lay ahead. Having changed several times in the night due to the most appalling weather conditions, stripping out of their golf clothes was getting to be second nature, but to stand on the tee stark naked was a bit of a shock to the system.

Dont forget to repair your pitch mark

Anyway, the guys drove off, John was first and dropped right on the green by the flag – by all accounts much improved on normal, with all the others dropping on or close to the green – all except one, Kevin, who went a bit long and into the trees – causing a few sniggers of course!

Has anybody seen my ball?

It turns out that with the new freedom of swing, all managed to par the hole – or was it the fact that two guys were taking photos of them naked which took there mind off the game…who knows!

Out of the trees at last

The fact is, John Bowness, Kevin Holloway, Marc Gudgeon & Mark Brown have done something unique, took themselves right outside their comfort zone and earned a shed load of cash for a worthy cause – I for one support that and proudly donated to this cause – have you? DONATE HERE now so you can be part of this too.

Hole over - last one to the buggy is a big girl!

I am confident this has never happened before at Deanwood Golf Club, is this unique in Newbury? I guess it is so well done guys and thanks for being such good sports this morning!

We would never have made it to the clubhouse...

Personally, the only time I spend on a golf course is shooting rabbits or trapping moles, so to be involved with this was great fun, big thanks to John at Deanwood and Adam at APH for the invite to help.


PS At the time of publishing, I heard that over £4000 has been raised!