The last two weeks has seen a general  increase in calls on suspected bed bug problems.

Last week alone, we attended calls in Reading and  Aylesbury. In both cases, the occupants had recently been travelling in the USA, so our suspicions were immediately aroused.

When attending a suspected bed bug problem, finding out the background of the situation is vital as this normally provides the key to the problem’s source. America seems to have an acute issue with bed bugs in virtually every state, so visitors to the USA need to take a few simple precautions when travelling, especially when staying in hotels.

Unfortunately, bed bugs will travel easily in luggage and are pretty much un-detectable. We all do exactly the same thing when returning home for a trip – basically we throw the suit cases on our beds and unpack them there. This provides the ideal opportunity to bed bugs to find a new home.

One thing I always advise travellers is to spray your suitcases with a 50% DEET based insect repellent, both inside and outside, particularly around zips and compartments where bed bugs are likely to enter. This should be done every time you pack and unpack your cases. Whilst DEET does not kill them, it does deter them as they hate it.

Also, on returning home, unpack in the kitchen or garage, placing all washing directly into the washing machine and wash at at least 40 degrees.

The really annoying thing with bed bugs is that you don’t notice any issue until about 4 – 6 weeks after your trip, so by the time you notice the problem, they have had chance to establish themselves.

A Bed bug treatment is complex and time-consuming and is a partnership between the pest controller and the client. We have a standard set of proceedures which we follow, and this will involve the client as well. Providing all processes are followed, the problem can be dealt with effectively.

Our advice is not to attempt to tackle the problem on your own, most DIY treatments are costly and pretty in-effective. The products we use are professional use only and are used in certain combinations to solve the problem at all stages of development. We also see many cases so experience really counts in cases where bed bugs exist.

If you think you have a bed bug problem or are getting bitten in bed or in your home, Contact Rapid Pest Control now for advice.