Morocco is a closed currency and it is forbidden to take currency (dirham) into, or out of, the Moroccan borders. Therefore you cannot order any currency in advance of your holiday. In order to make sure that you can easily get money from the cashpoints in Morocco we recommend that you call your bank(s) of any of the credit cards that you want to use whilst you are away.

The English banks have a habit of blocking any foreign transactions if they have not been informed of your travel and although you can call your bank from Morocco this is a headache you could do without on your holiday.

You must have a valid passport to enter Morocco, and it must have at least 6 clear months still valid from your return date to the UK. If it doesn’t have 6 clear months then you will need to get a new passport before entering Morocco.

You do not need a Visa to go to Morocco if you have a European Union passport (or Switzerland or Canada) and you can stay up to 90days in the country on your passport.

We hope that you do not get into any trouble when staying at our Moroccan home, but should you need any help at all then there is a British Honorary Consulate in Agadir who is their to help any UK visitor to Morocco.

Finally, even in the winter months the sun can be quite strong so it is advisable that you ensure that you observe your skin care with sun cream.

Most of the airlines travelling to Agadir have strict baggage restrictions, so here is a Mind Map of things you need to think about taking with you:

What to take on Holiday