I’m still trying to catch up on all the work and keep my Blog updated on recent events – it’s a struggle!

Several funny things have happened over the last few weeks – several of which have been broadcast on air at Reading 107 via Neale James who I call pretty much every day during his breakfast show to give him an update on “The Spuds”, my trusty assistants.

One story I have to tell you is the dog attack one. We have a good customer over in Inkpen near Newbury who own two German Shepard’s. They have a large 6 foot high gate with “Beware of the Dogs” plastered all over it.

The driveway is a little awkward to drive into, so we have to reverse the trailer etc into it off the main road. I always get the boys to just see me back and warn the traffic etc. Well this day, Ric (AKA Alsatian Spud now) decided that it was a good idea to open the gates and let me in, despite the warning signs etc, so opened them and strolled in.

The two dogs thought this was Christmas and came bounding over at full speed barking. All I could see was a blur as Ric thought he would try to out-run them……not a chance!

One of the dogs latched onto his bum cheek as he tried to vault into the trailer and awaiting safety…..Luckily, there was no skin or clothes ripped in the process – the only damage was bruising of the rear and also his ego!

The worst thing was Ric trying to show us the “scars” and wanting first aid to the area – not even with rubber gloves matey!!!

The next few days were hilarious with Ric having to sit on the mower with a load of padding on one side…..Neale had a ball with this on air!

The next funny thing (I can laugh now) was Pete (AKA Landrover Spud) moving the Landrover forward just a few yards so we could get the mower off – a simple enough task you would think – not so.

I was in the yard just clearing up a few things when I heard an almighty crash and gravel skidding – only to look around and see Pete had run over my brand new strimmer!

I went a little mental as you can appreciate, especially when they tried to reverse back over it to get it out from under the trailer!!!

At least I can cut around corners now….again, Neale did a piece on this too – very amusing radio!