Witney Corn Exchange

Today we finally completed the bird control work at Witney Corn Exchange using the Avishock Bird Protection System.

Readers will know we completed the main part of the implementation quite a few month’s ago, but now the new balcony has been completed, it was time for us to finish too. The scaffolding and all the hoardings came down earlier this week , so we had a clear run at bird proofing the balcony.

Our strategy for the balcony was to use a combination of Avishock and a new product called Optical Bird Gel. Our brief was to make the balcony bird proof, but without having the looks spoilt with loads of ugly bird proofing, so this combination was ideal.

Avishock is an electronic bird deterrent system which relies on a track running around the edge of all ledges and places where birds are likely to perch or roost. When a bird lands on or walks over the track, it gets an electric shock, a bit like a sheep fence, which educates it never to return. Since we installed the Avishock system on the main part of the building, it has been pretty much pigeon free – however the scaffolding offered alternative roosting accommodation so with this out of the way there was no sign of bird activity on our arrival this morning, except on the balcony which was yet to be bird proofed.

Bird Free Optical Gel is a unique product that creates the optical illusion of fire to birds. The visual spectrum of birds is significantly different to humans, so seeing this illusion just scares them away. To the human eye, it does not appear, making it ideal for sensitive areas like the Corn Exchange at Witney. The product is deployed in small clear dishes which are glued to the surface in which they are to protect. The gel is then squirted into these holders

We did have one problem today, the caretaker decided to go on holiday, and take the keys with him, so we had to do the whole job from ladders, which is not a problem really but just takes longer to do. Luckily, we could get onto the balcony using ladders, well Steve did. Passers by made loads of comments about the new frontage – how good it all looked – and were very interested in the bird control methods we were using – most people had seen the ugly spikes all around the town and hoped that we would not be putting those on this lovely building.

Pretty much everybody thought the Avishock system was a marvel and that it could not be seen, so our mission was a complete success!

A few funny comments did make me laugh though, especially somebody who passed by saying that Steve was the ugliest Juliett he had ever seen on a balcony! We also had a few persistent pigeons who were desperate to land on the hand rail of the balcony – so when we finished testing, we stood back to see what happened – and sure enough, one landed right on the Avishock and was duly “educated”. The pigeon was so surprised, it landed on one of the ladders to take stock – very funny indeed!

Avishock really is the way forward for bird control – having used this system on such a prestigious building like the Corn Exchange at Witney, we would not dream of specifying any other system – the effectiveness is proven, it is such a low profile it cannot be seen and providing the design is correct (as our is!) this system will far out perform more traditional spikes, nets and wires  – cost for cost there is not much difference but from a looks viewpoint, there is not contest.

So, if you have a bird problem and want it dealt with effectively, without the use of ugly spikes, then contact on of our office – with offices in Newbury, Basingstoke, Oxford, Reading and Swindon, you can be sure of immediate and expert bird control with Rapid Pest Control.

Here are a few Pictures from Today: