Bird Deterrent solutions - Avishock


As we have said before, bird problems are becoming more of an issue in urban situations. The shear numbers of pest birds like pigeons have increased dramatically over the last few years and the problems they cause are now very real.

Diseases are being spread through contact with these birds and their droppings, causing serious public health issues – almost as bad as rats – in fact in the trade pigeons are referred to as “flying rats”!

As with all things, where a problem exists, a solution can be found. Traditionally, bird control measures have involved lethal methods like trapping and culling, or shooting or deterrents like netting and bird spikes have been deployed extensively. All these methods have their place and most are pretty effective at ridding areas of pigeon problems.

As you can see above, pigeons are not stupid and have adapted methods to overcome the more traditional methods. These two pigeons have worked out how to land without a problem on this bridge, even though the pier is covered in spikes. We have also seen pigeons actually dropping twigs on top of spikes to create a nest – now thats clever!

So whats the answer?

One answer is a fairly new system called AVISHOCK. Basically it is a strip of specially designed track which carries to copper strips embedded into it, which is glued to any surface a bird can land on. When a bird lands, its toes make a circuit between the two electric conductors and creates a slight shock, thus scaring the bird off.

When we first started using this product, clients used to think that it killed the birds as the touched the track, but that is not the case. Basically, it is being used to modify the behaviour of the bird – much the same as electric fencing is used on farms to keep livestock out of an area. A small shock is created, which scares the bird off and imprints that should they land near this area, they will get a further shock.

Whilst this might sound a bit cruel, tests have been carried out by Natural England and the RSPB who have endorsed this product as safe and humane in the use of deterring birds.

The key benefits of the AVISHOCK system are:

  • Highly effective in deterring all bird species at all infestation pressures on ledges, edges, parapets, beams and roof peaks
  • Very low profile that is hardly noticeable at close quarters and virtually invisible at any distance making it ideal for listed buildings
  • Flexible to bend round curves and corners which allows it to be used in difficult situations
  • Highly specified track consisting of copper conductors encased in a flexible, UV stabilised plastic, with high quality components, offering reliable service over a long lifetime.
  • Quick and easy to fit for reduced installation time and maintenance costs.
If you have a bird problem, be it pigeon problems, starling problems or seagull problems, why not contact Rapid Pest Control now to see if the AVISHOCK bird deterrent system will give you the solution you need.