Pigeon Problem

I am always amazed at just how ingenious birds are and how they work out ways to get around a problem – especially when it comes to keeping dry and warm.

Last week we started a bird control program at a hospital. The pigeon problem has got progressively worse over the last few years, exasperated by a few staff and patients who are now actively feeding them, so it is no wonder they are breeding at an alarming rate.

Rapid Pest Control were called in to assess previous efforts made, suggest new methods and look to cull if possible. As we started on the site, it soon became clear that the current bird proofing effort was more tactical rather than a strategic approach, with bird spikes being used in certain places and nets in others – you can see that the budgets have not been sufficient to do a proper management job but a good effort has been made with limited funding.

The problem is that bird faeces have built up to such an extent that they are causing a major health hazard, also blocking drains and gutters causing secondary damage by flooding wards etc. The roof structure is also being corroded away, therefore costing more in repairs than doing a complete managed bird control solution in the long run.

One other problem is seagulls. Despite being a long way from the sea, Herring Gulls have found this place very attractive – mainly due to a landfill site in the area. Herring Gulls are extremely difficult to control, especially if they decide to start breeding on a site. They are pretty clever at working things out, so soon find a way round most deterrents. They will also mob you and in some cases attack if you get too near a nest or young. Several attacks have happened to contractors already, so they ended up as patients in casualty!

Rapid Pest Control have proposed a strategic approach, using several different methods including bird spikes, Avishock, Optical bird gel and bird netting – as well as trapping. Shooting is almost impossible and far too risky to attempt due to the 24 hour nature of this campus.

On the survey, we did see some interesting sights, but this one made us laugh – a simple answer to a problem where pigeons are fouling a pathway above a door – but one that is not permanent! We also discovered the pigeons were nesting under raised walkways on the roof, nesting on top of the steam pipes – a great place to keep warm but a breeding ground for diseases

Dealing with bird problems

I will keep you updated on this project as it rolls out over the next few months and our success rates. We are working with several other trades to make this happen, including specialist cleaners to clean and unblock gutters, roofers and steel workers, so bringing this all together for the right solution has been interesting to say the least.

If you have a bird problem and don’t know how to tackle it, call Rapid Pest Control now on Newbury 01635 247192 for advise and help or contract us here. With our offices in Newbury, Oxford, Basingstoke, Swindon and Reading, you can be certain of a fast response and great service.