Birdwatching in Morocco

With vast coastlines and miles of mountain areas, the variety and quantity of birds in Morocco is quite remarkable.

The coastline runs both the mediterranean as well as the Atlantic coast for approximately 2000 miles, with many river estuaries and floodplains so waders and water birds are abundant.

Inland, there are miles of mountain scrubland and desert so many species can be seen including many raptor species and larks.

Morocco is also on a migratory path from southern Africa to Europe, so the chance of seeing many unusual migratory birds is very good too. 200 or so species are commonly observed making this trip.

The best time to see birds vary, but March to May is a good time both for species and weather conditions. The start of the wet season can also be productive so it is worth considering October to Januaray, especially if the rains come early.

One thing you can be sure of is that Morocco is a wonderful place to come and see many bird species as they are not generally frightened of people so present good opportunities for photographs.

There are of course many other interesting animals to be seen – here is a selection of just a few:

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