One of the big challenges facing a small business is finding customers. You can spend thousands on all sorts of things to give you a profile, but which ones are right for you. Trial and error can be an expensive mistake to make – so how do you find the right ones?

I have been fortunate over the years and have come into contact with many marketing ideas and techniques with truly work, however there are a few things I can recommend as outstanding.

The first is to find somebody who know everybody and has huge exposure in your chosen market area, in my case West Berkshire.

I found Nigel Morgan or rather we met at a business networking event. Check out Nigel on or visit his blog Basically, Nigel knows everybody and is a PR/Media guru who simply must be on your contact list if you work in West Berks. He has and continues to help me constantly.

Another secret to business success is the internet. Unless you have a professional internet presence you will not survive and grow. I have a really good site which doesn’t cost a bomb – in fact its self built. Its powered by – a local self build website builder and it costs a fraction of the price of any web design company.

Its all very well getting a website but you need traffic and to be found – a common trap is to get an expensive website created for you costing thousands, then wonder why you get no business!
Here’s a trick – contact your local “bestof” franchise and get on their site without delay.

I am on The Best of Newbury and get loads of traffic sent to my website and directly from my advert (webvert). Its low cost, highly visited and best of all locally run so I know my enquiries are for local work. The bestof get me front page of google searches, virtually all the time at the very top – check it out by typing “garden maintenance Newbury” in your google browser and see what I mean.

Also, start a Blog – my marketing guru Nigel told me to so it must be the right thing to do!! go to and sign up today.