This weekend, we did one of the most scary things I think I have ever done – we hibernated our 2 tortoises. We were not brave enough last year and so this was a first for us.

Our tortoises are about 4 years old now and since we got them, they have been a real pleasure. I never thought for one minute they would have a personality, but they do. Each one is a little character and respond to our voices and when they see you.

Whilst you should not have favourites, I really have got attached to the larger one – called Ginger. In the morning she always hears the kettle go on and comes out of their box to see whats going on – even at stupid o’clock when it’s all dark and cold.

We have been putting them on the floor and letting them have the run of the house over the last year – now the dogs have got used to them. We did have one issue with Holly, one of the labs, when she decided to pick one up and carry it about for a while until she was spotted! They come and find you where ever you are and just sit with you.

Then they kind of know when its time to go back into their enclosure because the both hide. Now finding them is always a challenge as the seem to get everywhere, in the fire-place, behind the fridge – it’s a nightmare!

At this age, they now have to start hibernating as the hormones all go nuts, so this was the time.

In preparation, first you starve them for 3 weeks, they really do start slowing down after this. Then you bath them several times – this makes them pooh – the gut must be clear of food for this to happen. Then you bury them in compost in  shoe box and stick them in the fridge for 2 months!

The look on Gingers face was one of shock and dis-belief that her dad was going to bury her alive…!!

Now we have to wait – the temptation is killing me, but you cannot disturb them – I do hope they make it!

PS A big thank you to Lynn of Flutterby Crafts for the packaging materials.