We really love to see the camels on the beach. When we first moved here, at around this time of the year we used to get literally 1000’s of camels heading south to the city of Guelmim to the huge Camel Market situated there.

The camel trains would pass right through the village, go around Agadir and head along the coast, finally making their destination a few weeks after.

Now, we don’t see anywhere near the number we used to – we get an occasional herd come through but nothing like we used to. I am not really sure why, but I guess a Toyota gets you across the desert routes faster than a camel. This nomadic way of life is slowly vanishing.

It must be really tough to live on the move all the time, but the herders are pretty friendly and will always chat with you, and let you take a few pics (please offer them a small thank-you gift in return – they have very little, and will appreciate anything).

We did a trip south about 12 years ago and we got so lost in Guelmim as all the signposts were hidden – a guy on a scooter guided us out and took us to the right road for a small reward….but that’s Maroc as we say! We did not see the camel market but one day we will make it back down to see it all.

Guelmim is pretty big and it is easy to get lost in the city – a new road linking Agadir to Laayoune and Dakhla has been built, making this a much easier route now – our road at the time was a 2 lane road, very fast and very dangerous and so remote.