Following all the restrictions and isolation we all faced during the lockdown, what better thing to do than go off wild camping with a few mates and of course the dogs.

We have not actually camped since we drove down from England to Morocco, so getting everything out, checked and ready to go was a bit of a challenge. Also, Millie and Fin, our crazy Moroccan dogs had never camped before so we had no idea what she might do. Grace our old Lab had only been camping a few times on the way from England, but she doesn’t care as long as we are with her.

We soon loaded up the car, packed some provisions and the dogs, and set off. The plan was not to go too far in case the dogs never settled and with some restrictions still in force too, we headed north to Desert Point, a common place for surfers but not really for many tourists. Our friends Mourad and Safir had already set up a camp during covid and spent most of their time her anyway to escape the isolation.

Eventually, we found the secret spot and soon set about erecting the tent, getting the beds blown up and the food sorted out so we could just chill and relax. A small path lead down to a secluded sandy beach area so we had a swim and played with the dogs – the great thing was there was not a soul about.

As the sun dropped, we were treated to a superb sunset. Also, a few more people turned up and started to play music and light a fire ready to cook and chill for the evening. We had really nice evening, met some new people and enjoyed being in the company of other humans once more. The lockdown has been so hard on everyone here.

Finally, we turned in. The dogs soon settled in and when everyone stopped moving about they relaxed. Millie ended up in between my legs (her place of safety) and we all just drifted off. As it happened, we all seemed to get a good night’s sleep with very little disturbance.

As the sun came up, the dogs wanted to feed and be walked, so a pre-breakfast walk along the beach was very welcome, followed by a superb omelet cooked by Mourad over the coals and some great coffee. After we packed up and left – apparently more people were due to arrive and our dogs would have gone crazy.

Wild Camping in Morocco is not illegal, however, you need to be sure you are not going to cause any issues when you camp. Pick your spot carefully – you do not want to trespass and have to move again. An open fire is OK as long as it’s not massive and will not catch the area alight – keep the coals low and don’t burn lots of branches and wood as the locals rely on this for winter months as it is their only form of fuel.

Most Locals will be very curious – camping in the middle of nowhere seems very odd behavior to most Moroccans, so just be friendly and welcoming. Obviously, do not leave your equipment and valuables in the tent as it’s just asking for trouble.