Christmas seems a long time ago already. I really needed a break as it has been a bit mental over the last few months. All I did was service all the machines and clear everything up, and of course take a look at our own garden and do those jobs I keep meaning to do – I never actually get any time these days…….I must get a gardener in!!

It may sound a little odd but that last statement actually makes sense as my customers are in exactly the same boat! We all rush around doing life and stuff and we all leave things which should be taken care of for another time, but they never get done.

This is were Garden4You comes in.

Most of my customers are so busy making their businesses work and earning money that they don’t have time to garden, decorate, put up shelves and pictures etc (I know lots of tradesmen who will do this for you BTW so just ask!).

Just do a simple calculation for yourselves – if you earn more per hour than it costs you to have it done – then get it done by somebody else. Also if you value your leisure time more than the cost of somebody sweating away in the garden, then also get it done by somebody else.

Don’t look at it as a cost to running your house, look at it as an investment in you and your family time.

Also, you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective getting your garden sorted can be – so call me and lets talk!

On another note – Father Christmas was good to me this year and gave me a replacement MP3 player – a dinky little Creative Zen V. This is a really cool entry level device and I must say has a nice piece of software and easy to use interface – ideal for a starter unit (still not a patch on the Creative Micro and software though). It holds about 200 tunes with ease,

I can resume normal service now – singing as normal with MP3 backing rather than freestyle and get my Micro repaired at my leisure.