Custer Flies

So what’s a Cluster Fly? Its that annoying great big buzzy fly that gets in your bedroom and buzzes about as you switch the lights off – who knows where its come from! Well let me tell you – its living in your loft!!

I can’t think of one insect that makes everybody gag like a fly does. Wasps, yes they are scary and nobody wants to get stung…but flies are in a different league!

I have had a large number of calls regarding getting rid of cluster flies over the last 3 weeks or so, mainly brought on by the central heating going on, promoting a hatch of flies from dormant larvae already in the loft from previous cluster flies.

This is what makes dealing with them so very difficult Рand expensive. Unfortunately due to the nature of the problem, it is very difficult to eliminate them completely. These annoying flies seek shelter in attics and other secluded places, and wait out the winter, emerging again in spring to continue their life cycle. They are most active in September, October and sometimes November, where they are looking to gain access to warm places.

I have a few customers who literally have thousands of these flies in the attic. We have deployed several treatments and strategies to deal with them, including dusting, fumigation and electronic traps to kill and capture as many as possible.

Obviously, a full survey needs to be one prior to any chemical treatments to ensure there are no bats present in the areas – again a major issue in dealing with this persistent and annoying issue.

As the temperature drops and the remaining flies go into deep hibernation, at least these customers will get some respite from the problem!

So if you are bothered by these things, there is help at hand. Call Newbury (01635) 247192 or visit the Rapid Pest Control Website to contact us for a free survey now.