Today we attended a call in London, right by St Pauls. I thought my commuting days were over, but when one of our really good client calls with a problem, we will do everything we can to help.

One of our clients, a prestige property letting agency, has some great properties all over the country, but when they get a problem, they call us. Fiona, my contact, called me on Friday as one of the cleaners had spotted a few small cockroaches in the kitchen and bedroom to ask what they needed to do. One thing we advise is that if you see anything like a cockroach, call in the experts straight away, so we were commissioned to attend.

Commuting has not go any easier, in fact I would say its a lot worse than I remember – especially when you have a huge hold-all bag filled with everything you need to do a cockroach treatment and all the Safety Equipment required!

Anyway, I arrived on site nice and early, and got down to the job at hand. Cockroaches love scraps of food, dark and humid – the sort of conditions you find under the kick board of the kitchen units…and sure enough there they were.

Treating cockroaches is fairly straight forward, once you know what you are doing and you have your routine worked out. We use a flushing agent to force them out of their hiding places, a barrier spray which kills them on contact and then a gel bait which, should any survive the chemical attack, will feed on and kill them and their young. We also do the good old fashioned squashing them tactic as well – you know they are dead then!

I have not been to this part of London for some time and they are doing some restoration work, so it gave me a chance to have a good look at St Paul’s cathedral whilst I was up here. Commuting back to the office always seems to take for ever, but armed with my iPad i can still use this time usefully…I love the way a free internet connection is provided on the train, even though you cant keep connected above about 20mph!

If you have a cockroach problem and need it sorting out, call Rapid Pest Control now for a competitive price.