As many of you know, we also get involved in lots of commercial work as well as normal domestic and home gardens.

We got a call a few weeks ago to come and price a job in Newbury – basically it consisted of 3 phases:

  1. Cut hedges and clear access to a public footpath
  2. Clear the garden area at the rear of the property
  3. Provide ongoing garden and grounds maintenance

No job is guaranteed, but this one was right up our alley – it really is perfect for us and we love em. We are also highly competitive and at the end of the day the customer will not only go with the right outfit, the prices must be right too.

One of the other factors was that we do go the extra mile – I suggested the main hedge job was done over a weekend to minimise disruption in the car park and also reduce the noise of the chipper etc which was required for some of the larger branches.

As you can see from the picture, it really needed it. Also, working on Saturday brought us a very curious audience – we even had the chap who planted the trees and hedges 20 years ago stop and say hello!

The next phase was the rear garden. At some point in time somebody had cut the grass – I think it was Fred Flintstone by the look of the old machine!

It really was a bit of an exploratory venture into the bushes as they were so overgrown you could not actually see if it was a hedge or shrubs. It was basically hold your breath, get the hedge cutter going and jump in! We did discover some really nice shrubs which obviously need some pruning etc. The pictures show the before and after – there was also a set of steps leading from the Board Room window which could not be used – well now you can!

Some of the staff had never been to the back of the garden and they were really surprised once we had finished – we had some great comments.

The Maintenance Contract is about to start and we look forward to keeping this all up together.

Enjoy the pictures!

Rear Garden – Before and After

Steps from the Board Room