Not many people know this but as well as doing domestic garden maintenance, I also get involved in commercial gardening too.

I have just completed a garden and car park clearance in the middle of Newbury which included removing the dreaded IVY! I may have mentioned before – I HATE IVY!!

The best thing about removing Ivy is that it is really satisfying when its all down and is going in the shredder – I almost laugh……oops the medication must be wearing off!

Anyway, this company has some really nice people and despite the foul weather I manged to get the ivy off and the front of the building sorted out before the lightning came – I don’t mind the rain too much but lightening is another matter. Standing on a steel platform, waving around a 10 foot metal hedge cutter in a storm is not recommended. It was a rare happening for me but I called that a day and went home for a hot bath as the sky lit up and the thunder rolled around the town.

I finished the job on Saturday morning with the help of the ever willing Karen. We were both nursing a very nasty hangover following the BNI Kennet Chapter xmas do – we were by no means the worst ones (eh Neale and Sam!) who for some reason had a Kebab as we were queuing for a taxi – a sure sign of too much booze! Amazingly I have seen no pictures yet but I am sure some will appear at an inappropriate time – I will keep you posted.

Off to the next job..