The Moroccan Authorities have been really good at rolling out a vaccination program across the country. It is generally seen as the best way to get things back to normal and the more vaccinated the better to control this wicked virus.

With travel still banned and borders closed, we can’t wait to be able to travel and for us, it is a no-brainer to get vaccinated as without doubt, you will not be able to travel without a vaccine.

The system is pretty polished, you request an appointment, turn up at our local medical center and get your jab. You download the certificate 2 or 3 days later – job done.

But never forget this is Morocco, and regardless of the system, something will doubtless happen. I got my first appointment, so duly arrived early in the morning (the best time to get anything done here) and there was a big queue. So I registered and was about to sit down when one of the doctors shouted across to me in English “come straight through”. I was a bit shocked as the whole place was packed, but I went over to the room anyway.

Turns out the doctor had heard me speak in English and wanted to meet me and say hi. That’s one way of skipping the queue!

Karen’s turn came a few weeks later, so I went with her. We did not see the same doctor on this occasion, but we also got ushered into a treatment room quickly, but for other reasons! On arrival, we checked Karen in, and I managed to swallow a bit of spit down the wrong way, and had a massive coughing fit! This literally emptied the place, people were running everywhere – was so funny but did the job! They could not get us out fast enough.

The second jab was easy, no problem no queue, just straight in and done. The only issue was our jabs were Sinopharm and this at the time was not recognised in the UK, so on my first trip over for a few years, I spent 10 days in quarantine with my daughter.

There were, of course, the Anti Vac crew here, but for us a vaccination was the only option and we had no side effects or problems.

FOOTNOTE: In November we had to have a booster but it was Pfizer and by then the UK Gov started recognising Sinopharm anyway