Picture: It’s just stopped raining on day 1

Today we were back in Hungerford working on Nigel Morgan’s mammoth fencing project. As projects go, it been a really nice one – a virgin fence IE no digging out old posts etc and just digging new holes on our line rather than trying to follow “Blind Pew’s” existing fence.

The great thing about virgin fencing is that it looks amazing from the before and after shots and really gives a huge impact to the overall look of the garden. The other good thing is you can easily use a hole boring machine.

These machines are fearsome. You need to be totally alert and “feel” what you are drilling – or it will throw you about like a rag doll. Believe me I have the bruises to prove it – especially where you don’t want to have bruises.

One of my guys, Rick, is pretty small in stature, but very strong and so goes into battle with the dreaded hole borer on virtually every fencing job we do. I liken it to David and Goliath. Today Goliath had his revenge. It was spectacular and so funny I almost had an accident.

Nigel had just persuaded me to do my first Podcast and I must admit I am not a lover of video, but I am always prepared to listen and learn from my marketing guru, so went along with it. I dispatched the boys to the furthest corner of the garden so they would not distract (or worse take the mickey!) and did it on the first take.

The great shame is that Nigel had just gone in and missed Rick’s tango with Goliath – which would have been far more entertaining to watch! Basically, Rick pulled the starter cord and the machine literally jumped into action – throttle wide open and off it went – with Rick holding on to the starter cord dancing around the garden – this thing has a 9″ auger drill which revolves really quickly and jumps about all over the place. I couldn’t do anything for laughing – the look on his face was legend!! Finally it fell over and Rick dived on the stop switch – but how funny was that – if only it was on video we could have got £250 from You’ve been Framed without question!

Today we had gourmet bacon sarnies – Nigel just appeared with them and I must admit they were very good – shame he used all the bacon on us and forgot himself – live and learn mate!

Tomorrow is our last day and its just the fiddly bits to do and finish – these are the important bits that make the difference between a good and a great job – we pay a lot of attention to this as its so important to us the customer is truly happy – and it gets us our money quicker too as well as good referrals to other customers.

I am going to try and post my Podcast and a few pictures of the job for you. Ps Nigel has put it on his blog too www.morganpr.blogspot.com if I get it wrong!