Today was our final day at Nigel Morgan’s home.

Having really gained time yesterday, we hoped to be away in good time today, however I jinxed the job by wearing my summer shorts, and so we had bad weather – rain, thunder and high winds – as well as finding every conceivable problem we could at every turn. The only thing we didn’t find was a UXB! (Un-exploded bomb for those who didn’t know!) but I did think we probably would.

As part of my fencing team, my Dad really loves to do the tricky work. He is quite a character and always has the “During the war” type stories and always says things like “You don’t want to do it like that” and “When I was a boy” which has the lads rolling about. I do like working with him and so do the lads – cheers Dad you are a Diamond Geezer.

On our last job, he managed to rip one sole off his boot and had to tape it all up etc – he looked a right plonker – that was until the other sole fell off too and he had to walk around with two sole-less boots for the day – classic!

Nigel provided the bacon sarnies again, but this time saved some for himself – he is a quick learner – and also kept us supplied with tea and cakes all day:
Note to other customers, the precedent is now set and my terms and conditions now reflect bacon sarnies and cakes for every job in the future……!

Anyway, this job was finally completed – on time allowed and within budget – despite a few minor “additions”, but the results are quite stunning – both Nigel and wife Diane are very pleased – and so are the neighbours too by all accounts.

The lads are knackered, but on to the next job – tomorrow we are cutting 9 lawns and digging a few borders – weather permitting of course!

I have done my second Pod-cast and I must admit it is really powerful and effective – I have had a few calls from readers and mates who really like the idea and want to know more about it – Nigel has got this off to a fine art now and once my camera returns, I will be doing some more – yes I am hooked!

Please see Podcast attached – any comments would be appreciated