Many visitors to Morocco travel to several destinations – usually Marrakesh for the bustle of a city, then to Agadir for a beach holiday.

One of the absolute must see places is The Main Square or Djemaa el Fna in the old city. The Square is right on the edge of the Souk, so most tourists end up here.

During the day, it is filled with snake charmers, water seller and stalls, but during the night it transforms into a great place to eat – with many food stalls cooking fresh food for you as you wait.

Story tellers, magicians and musicians fill the Square, making this a real spectacle.

Just be aware of your valuables – children often “bump” into you and any unguarded items tend to go missing! There is a strong but discrete police presence to minimise this, but it happens.

If you take photos, expect to have to pay the subject – especially the snake charmers. They seem to have eagle eyes and will send their boys to get money from you. I took a shot with a very long lens and was spotted from at least 100 metres – so it cost me 10 pence!

Snake Charmers in Djemaa el Fna

Coaches run from Marrakesh to Agadir 4 times per day, but it is advisable to book the day before as the buses get very busy – cost is about £8 one way – a true bargain – and take about 5 hours.